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Bryan H
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I was raised in Springfield, MO where I attended Glendale High School.  After high school I joined the Army, coming back to the Springfield area in 2000. After I returned home I joined the Army Reserve unit in Springfield.  In 2003-04 our unit took part in the ''all expenses paid trip'' to Iraq.  After my tour, I faced the question many soldiers do: ''what do I do now''.  I began doing some work for our  government.  My background in training others was built by being accountable for many soldiers during my Army career.  Whether it was during my role as Platoon Sergeant in Germany or in a training detachment in the National Guard.  I get a thrill out of pushing people and watching them conquer what they perceive as their limits.  Making the ''unbelievable'' happen.  I also enjoy pushing myself to my personal limits and beyond.  I've trained and instructed physical training at the military company level and squad sized elements.  I continue to train on my own and with my peers when I deploy overseas.  

I'm a father of 4 children-3 sons and 1 lucky daughter. My oldest son participated in his first triathlon July 2010.  I'm an outdoors enthusiast.  I love to hunt and fish as well as pack a ruck and hit the hills down at Busiek State Park.  I started using the CrossFit training program in the spring of 2006 in Afghanistan.  I fell in love and became a ''kool-aid drinker''.  I enjoy sharing what it's done for me and how it changes people's lives.

Among other things, I'm also an Advanced Open Water Diver.  My wife is my dive buddy and we really enjoy exploring new waters together (however, she won't dive Tablerock Lake with me.) She's my rock. My wife and I are both Christians and believe He is the glue that keeps us strong.  We attend the Wilsons Creek Campus of James River Assembly.

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* CrossFit Lvl 1 Certified Trainer
* CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Trainer Certified
* CrossFit Powerlifting Trainer Certified
* CrossFit Judge Certified
* Advanced Open Water Diver
* Divers 4 Heroes Board Member
* Outward Bound Alumni
* U.S. Army Instructor Certified
* US Army Veteran
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I grew up in Springfield and graduated from Springfield Catholic High School.  I am married and have a seven year old daughter that attends Nixa Public Schools, where I enjoy volunteering.  I started Crossfit as a way to improve my overall fitness and meet my goals as an amateur distance runner.  I believe in promoting health and fitness to others and prefer to involve my entire family in my favorite activities.

* CrossFit Lvl 1 Certified Trainer
* CrossFit Endurance Certified Trainer
* GORUCK Tough
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I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona.  At age 15, I moved with my parents to Ava, Missouri. After my junior year of high school, I joined the Army Reserve and went to Basic Training.   I finished my Army job training after graduating high school and went to Missouri State University.  I began working out (weight lifting and running) when I started college, but I didn’t have much knowledge about what I was doing or how to do it.
I was deployed in 2009, and while overseas, used working out as a stress reliever and a way to get by. For every temptation, God provides a way out. For me He provided body building. I learned a great deal about diet and exercise in my year overseas. My physique and mental attitude benefited from it greatly.  
After returning home from deployment, I was still fervent about physical fitness. I wanted to find a way to share that with others.  My passion found an outlet when my commander gave (fellow CFO trainers) Billy Green, Michael Simms and me the opportunity to train Physical Fitness Test failures in the Army. Our goal is to help them improve their overall health and performance in the PT Test.  I learned that I loved training people and helping them to improve their quality of life physically, mentally, and spiritually.
Through my commander I was introduced to Bryan Hood who took me through my first CrossFit workout.  At first my body was in the fight or flight mode, something I’d never experienced before.  It was unnerving, but also exhilarating.  Needless to say I was hooked.  Every workout I went through showed me that I was not just physically tougher than I thought, but also mentally tougher.  Since then I have used CrossFit workouts, movements, and mentality in every part of life.  It changed my life and I’m not going back.

* CrossFit Lvl 1 Certified Trainer
* CrossFit Endurance Trainer Certified
* CrossFit Powerlifting Trainer Certified
* U.S. Army Veteran
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I was raised on a farm near Niangua, MO, and graduated from Niangua HS.  When I was young, I couldn't wait to get away from the farm and all the hard work that went along with farm life (my father might have had a different recollection of the amount of hard work I actually did - but this isn't his bio). Today, my focus is on a return to that simpler life I remember. I now live in Springfield with my beautiful wife and best friend Jenifer.  We live in a wooded part of town that has the feel of the country with wildlife on our doorstep everyday.  
As a Springfield firefighter, my job requires physical preparedness, and it was through workouts with my fellow firefighters, that I first encountered CrossFit.  I knew immediately that I had to get Jenifer involved with my new wonderful/horrible discovery.  We started working out in December 2011 in a warehouse - a tiny, cold, bare 'box' of a space called CrossFit of the Ozarks.  It was exactly what we needed.  The box has grown, and we have grown.    
I have always enjoyed helping others, and as an encourager/coach/trainer I get a great amount of satisfaction from seeing others grow and expand their world of possibilities. This is life-changing stuff. I know that Jenifer and I (and hopefully very many that we train with) will never look back from this so physically intense, but so simple and rewarding part of our lives.

* CrossFit Lvl 1 Certified Trainer
* Springfield Firefighter
Chris R
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I am 100% Missouri, born in Springfield, raised in Branson and currently living in Nixa. I met and married my wonderful wife here in Missouri back when we were young, much younger.  We were blessed with our son last year (2012) and life has been amazing.
I have worked out for most of my life.  I played most sports through middle and highschool and always seemed to excel.  I joined the military and learned another level of physicality.  Being in shape and well conditioned for sports in high school is one thing, being conditioned for battle is whole new level.  Like most people in the military I struggled to find a workout program that would challenge me, one that could help me exceed expectations and one that I could share with my wife.  That last one was very important to me.  My personal philosophy is that anything worth doing is worth doing with the ones you love.  Now I really got into 'working out' while overseas with the military.  It wasn't until I found Crossfit that I really knew what a workout could demand from you physically and mentally.  After a few workouts I was hooked and soon after that my wife was right there with me pushing me to reach and keep reaching.
My career on the civilian side as well as the military requires an optimal level of physical fitness.  I have found that Crossfit helps me to maintain an above average state of fitness and it also allows me to increase my level of fitness easier and faster. The constantly varied, high intensity workouts prepare you for the physical and mental strains that one might find in their chosen careers. The proof of this can be found in the membership roles of many gyms.  There you will find a high concentration of law enforcement and military. The combination of weight lifting, gymnastics and metabolic conditioning, along with the non-traditional techniques and tools helps you to not get bored because each day is something different.  When I first started Crossfit at CFO I really enjoyed how raw it was.  If it was cold outside, it was going to be cold inside and the same for the hottest parts of the summer. I learned quickly that this wasn’t your average gym.  
I have bought into Crossfit so fully that recently I went for my certification because I want to share this with as many people as possible.  I can testify that this can and will change your life.  I sleep better, eat better and perform at a higher level physically and mentally.  I also recommend this for couples.  It has strengthened my relationship with my wife in ways that I did not think were possible.  We challenge each other and we are there to provide support for each other.  Crossfit is not just a workout, it is not just a place to go, it is a lifestyle choice.  It is a lifestyle that I enjoy sharing with my wife and one that I am looking forward to sharing with my son.

*Crossfit Lvl 1 Certified Trainer
*Crossfit Olympic Weightlifting Trainer
*US Army Veteran