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Saturday, May 23, 2015

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This workout is organized chaos.
Everyone will do a 'Hill Top' run. As people return to the mat they will begin to form teams of 3. The first 3 back will be the first team, the second 3 and so forth. As you return from run just fall in on a team to complete it and start helping to complete the Chipper.
200 Squats
150 Wall Ball @ 20/15
100 Pullups
50 Tire Flips
25 Rope Climbs
Post time as MM:SS. If not RX'd, why not?
*Moves may be completed in any order and may be partitioned. For example, one person may be working on squats another may be doing pullups and another may be climbing rope. When someone wears down they may go do something else to get the overall work done. Just get it all done.
1. The Run= Run to the embassy to rescue Ambassador. 2. Squats= Crouching up and down to engage targets from rooftops.
3. Wall Ball= Resupplying water and ammo to rooftop positions. 4. Tire Flip= 'D-Boys' flipping bodies of the side of the rooftop to the ground. 5. Pullups= Climbing ladder to rooftop

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Chosen as WOD: Sat,Sep 6,2014
1st33:24 RxTrainer Sat,Sep 6,2014

CrossFit of the Ozarks May 23,2015

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Friday, May 22, 2015
Anniversary Lori K

After warming up you have 3 attempts to lift the most weight possible at each lift.  

The first attempt would be a weight you know you can do for a heavy set of three. The second attempt would be a weight you know without any doubt that you could do for a single, having just done the first attempt. And the third attempt is the weight you want to do, based on your performance on the previous two attempts.

This is a Max Effort of the following three lifts in the following order:

Back Squat

*This should wear you out - you shouldn't feel like you have anything left in the tank after this.

Post the total weight for all three lifts.  Post the individual max weights for the lifts in the ''Why not Rx'' section and optionally post the individual weights separately for individual lifts.

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1st615 RxWhitney Thu,Aug 28,2014
2nd580 RxAbby Be Thu,Aug 28,2014
Megan C Fri,May 22,2015
3rd530 RxJennifer M Thu,Aug 28,2014
1st890 RxChris R Thu,Oct 24,2013
2nd830 RxEric C Fri,May 22,2015
3rd820 RxBryan H Mon,Feb 6,2012

Megan C580 Rx 2nd S-200 P-85 D-295 Squat PR
Eric C830 Rx 2nd BS:315 SP:150 DL:365
Martin795 Rx 4th S - 285; P - 125; DL - 385
Craig555 Rx 12th Back Squat 195, Press 105, Dead lift 255
Melissa F460 Rx 6th
Doug P560 Rx 11th
Kelly K425 Rx 9th BS-155#, Press- 65#, DL- 205#
Kesha405 Rx 11th Back squat - 145, Press - 65, DL -195
Ami390 Rx 12th BS135/Press70/Dl185
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