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Tuesday, January 27, 2015 Tomorrow: Snatch Ladder
Anniversary Tammy M & Melissa Do
Welcome James C
Wendler Day 2 - 3x5 Deadlift

3 sets of 5 reps (last set is 5 or more reps)
Deadlift (Sumo) @ 65, 75, 85% of 1RM
Post Loads.

Finish with:
100 Band Good Morning
5x6 Sliding Ham Curls

0% 0%
Chosen as WOD: Wed,Jan 8,2014 Fri,May 31,2013 Wed,Jan 9,2013 Wed,Aug 1,2012 Wed,Apr 4,2012 Wed,Jan 4,2012
1st125/145/165 RxKatie B Wed,Jan 4,2012
2nd150/165/175 RxAbby Be Wed,Jan 8,2014
3rd160/185/185 RxJennifer M Wed,Jan 8,2014
1st250/290/325 RxBryan H Wed,Apr 4,2012
2nd160/185/215+5 RxByron Wed,Apr 4,2012
3rd225/275/305 RxCurtis C Wed,Jan 8,2014

Luke245/275/315 +5 Rx
Teresa6:00am...3 2 1 GO!

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Trainer 7:00am
Bring yer belts and a willingness to get outside your comfort zone today.

Trainer 6:17am
For the Mon, Wed, Fri folks, try to get in here on Tue and Thur if you can or you'll be missing the Deadlift and Bench Press days for this strength cycle.

Monday, January 26, 2015
Wendler Day 1 - 3x5 Press

3 sets of 5 reps (last set is 5 or more reps)
Press @ 65, 75, 85% of 1RM
Post Loads.

Finish with:
5x ME Weighted Pullups @ 45/25 (scale-5x3 Negs)
4x20 Band Pushdown (choke up to make difficult)

100% 0%
Chosen as WOD: Mon,Jan 6,2014 Wed,May 29,2013 Mon,Jan 7,2013 Mon,Jul 30,2012 Mon,Apr 2,2012 Mon,Jan 2,2012
1st75/85/90x4 RxWhitney Mon,Jan 26,2015
2nd50/55/60 RxKatie B Mon,Jul 30,2012
3rd40/45/50 RxMisty M Mon,Jan 7,2013
Jenifer Mon,Jan 7,2013
1st95/115/130 +1 RxAdam C Mon,Jan 26,2015
2nd95/115/125 +3 RxKris B Wed,May 29,2013
3rd95/115/125 +2 RxEric C Mon,Jan 26,2015

Michelle P55/65/75 Rx
Melissa F45/55/60 Rx
Kelly K35/40/45 Rx
Michael D85 Rx First to at press
Sarah F55/65/55 Rx
Nathan105/115/125 Rx
Megan C65/70/75 Rx 85 1RM PR!!
Lacey55/65/75 Rx
Bryan N95/105/115 Rx
Chris R95/115/130 Rx
Kesha35/45/55 Rx
Tammy M35/45/55 Rx
James C85/95/105 Rx 8x105
Michelle M35/45/55 Rx
Abby Be65/75/85 Rx
Jennifer M65/75/80x4 Rx
Eric C95/115/125 +2 Rx
Linda230 Rx 10:32 time wall balls, bar touch
Jenifer35, 45, 50 Rx
Curtis C95/110/125 Rx
Josh F95/115/125 Rx
Mike T85# Rx
Martin75/95/115 (tried 115 twice, 4 reps, 2 reps) Rx
Tammi45/55/65lb Rx 9 reps at 65
Whitney75/85/90x4 Rx
Adam C95/115/130 +1 Rx
Ami45/55/60 Rx
Doug65, 75, 85 Rx
Byron95/105/115 +3 Rx
Kris B75/95/100 Rx First day back
Megan C 3:55pm
Thanks Whit!!

Whitney 3:16pm
Way to go Megan on your PR ;))