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Friday, August 01, 2014

Warm Up
Roll Out Lower Body
20 Stationary Lunges
15 Pushups
10 Burpees  

10 min

Bench Press 5x3 @ 80%
Post load.

15 min

0% 0%

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Thursday, July 31, 2014
Happy Birthday Jill & Tom D
31Jul14-Warm Up/Junkyard Dog/Jump Rope Skill Work

Warm Up
Rollout Ankles/Calves with Barbell
Calves Streches

Junkyard Dog For Time:

Jump Rope Double Unders Skill Work

*Post Time for Junkyard Dog Warm up as MM:SS.

25 min

0% 0%
1st2:28 RxWhitney Thu,Jul 31,2014
2nd3:30 w/ Curtis @6:30 pm RxJenifer Thu,Jul 31,2014
3rd3:39 RxPepper Thu,Jul 31,2014
Abby Be Thu,Jul 31,2014
1st2:01 RxDavid E Thu,Jul 31,2014
2nd2:28 RxChris R Thu,Jul 31,2014
3rd3:22 RxMartin Thu,Jul 31,2014
Mike C Thu,Jul 31,2014

David E2:01 Rx No Partner
Curtis4:17 w/ John H Rx
Jonathan4:18 w/ Curtis C Rx
Michelle P5:30 Rx
Pepper3:39 Rx Abby
Abby Be3:39 Rx
Tisha5:30 Rx
Mike H4:47  W/ Nick
Tammy M4:40  w/Melissa
Chris R2:28 Rx w/Whit
Whitney2:28 Rx W/ Chris
Martin3:22 Rx w/ Mike C
Mike C3:22 Rx w/Martin
Misty M3:58 Rx
Allison D3:58 Rx misty
Mike T4:02 Rx
Jenifer3:30 w/ Curtis @6:30 pm Rx
Michelle M6:10  with Christi
Christi6:10  With Michelle
CrossFit of the Ozarks Jul 31,2014

CrossFit of the Ozarks Jul 31,2014

Whitney 10:54pm
Allie & Misty killed that WOD! Great programming this week Nick!