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Sunday, July 05, 2015 Tomorrow: 17Mar14-Strength ,Max Effort: Hang Clean
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MartinSmoking Gun (Time)13:56 Rx
Adam CSmoking Gun (Time)16:03 Rx

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Saturday, July 04, 2015
Independence Day

4th of July
Total of 1776 reps for the year
4 Rounds to represent the 4th day (each round consists of 444 reps. 444x4=1776.)
7 moves to represent the 7th month
4 Rounds of:
400m Run
12 Double Under
10m Bumper Plate Slide @ 45/25
8 Deadlift @ 155/105
6 Wall Ball @ 20/15
6 Pullup
2 Hang Power Clean @ 155/105
Post time as MM:SS. If not Rx'd, why not?

100% 0%
Chosen as WOD: Fri,Jul 4,2014 Wed,Jul 3,2013
1st22:59 RxJennifer Pa Fri,Jul 4,2014
2nd13:30Melissa F Sat,Jul 4,2015
3rd18:38Melissa C Sat,Jul 4,2015
1st16:15 RxJason V Sat,Jul 4,2015
2nd16:54 RxLuke Sat,Jul 4,2015
3rd17:56 RxJack D Fri,Jul 4,2014

Misty M19:11  95# hang clean
Luke16:54 Rx Strict PUs
Chad Sey20:18  Scaled 125#DL 125# HPC
Kayla S19:00  jump touch/ jumping pu
Linda21:25  jumping pu, 75lb hang clean
Kelly K23:00  row, j2t, 2rds 65#dl, 12# wb, ring rows, 65# cleans
Michelle Mi21:59  scaled
Melissa C18:38  bike, singles, 60#lat pull downs, 75#hpc
Jack D19:24 Rx
Melissa F13:30  only did 1 run
Jason V16:15 Rx
Results Posted: 11