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Saturday, November 22, 2014
Happy Birthday Teresa & Stephen
Three's Company

MetCon,Partner/Team WOD:Time
For time, as a team
3-player WOD, Each team must include at least 1 female.
30 GHD Situps
30 Deadlifts @ 135/95
30 Double Unders
30 Overhead squat @ 95/65
30 Pullups
Post time as MM:SS. If not Rx'd, why not?
*Each athlete completes entire chipper; cannot start/advance to next station until station in front is clear. One time through.

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1st17:00Ami Today!
2nd22:33Linda Today!
Teresa Today!
Tammi Today!
1st18:24 RxEric C Today!
2nd18:24Byron Today!

Linda22:33  ring rows 55lb squats and jump ups
Teresa22:33  ring rows 55lb squats and jump ups
Tammi22:33  ring rows 55lb squats and jump ups
Ami17:00  w/Martin, Larry - 35OHS, bandedpu, jtap
Byron18:24  RR scaled GHd with Eric and Megan
Eric C18:24 Rx w/ Byron and Megan
Martin8:00am...3 2 1 GO!
Abby Be8:00am...3 2 1 GO!
Doug8:00am...3 2 1 GO!
Megan C8:00am...3 2 1 GO!
Kristiann8:00am...3 2 1 GO!
Jason V8:00am...3 2 1 GO!
Rochelle8:00am...3 2 1 GO!
Tom D8:00am...3 2 1 GO!

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Friday, November 21, 2014
Happy Birthday Miranda
Anniversary Phillip

Strength:No Results Tracked
4x12 Barbell Shrug (dbl overhand)
4x4 Hang Snatch High Pull (heavy)
3x10 Pendlay Row
4x15 Band Lateral Raise

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