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Tuesday, October 21, 2014 Tomorrow: Press Complex ,22Oct14-Cond
Happy Birthday Eric C

Back Squat 3x3 @ 90%
Post load.

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CrossFit of the Ozarks Oct 21,2014

CrossFit of the Ozarks Oct 21,2014

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Monday, October 20, 2014

6x1 Power Clean + 3 Split Jerks: Heavy
Post loads.

Finish with:
4x10 Snatch high pulls: w/ moderately heavy weight (bar should reach nipple height)
4x12 Rack pulls below knee: w/ 80% DL 1RM (Double overhand)

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Chosen as WOD: Thu,Mar 6,2014
1st11:02 RxTammy M Thu,Mar 6,2014
2nd135 RxJennifer Pa Mon,Oct 20,2014
3rd105 RxJennifer M Mon,Oct 20,2014
Laurie Mon,Oct 20,2014
Whitney Thu,Mar 6,2014
1st200 RxChris R Mon,Oct 20,2014
2nd185 RxJason V Mon,Oct 20,2014
3rd175 RxJason Be Mon,Oct 20,2014

Sarah F75#, 35#, 85# Rx
Jack D135 Rx
Teresa55 split 105 DL Rx
Nathan165 Rx
Megan C85lb split jerks, 65lb snatch HP, 155lb Rx
Katie B75 Rx
Michelle P95#, 45#, 135# Rx
Ami65# Rx neck trouble
Tammy M65#x5 #85#x1 Power Clean, 35# Jerks, 135 Dead Lift Rx
Eric C165 split 225 DL Rx
Jason V185 Rx
Laurie105 Rx 75 65. 105
Jennifer Pa135 Rx
Jennifer M105 Rx
Jessi95 Rx
Chris R200 Rx
Jason Be175 Rx
Doug105, 65, 85 Rx
Kyle145 Rx
CrossFit of the Ozarks Oct 20,2014

CrossFit of the Ozarks Oct 20,2014

CrossFit of the Ozarks Oct 20,2014