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Saturday, February 01, 2014

Bryan H 1:51pm
Hi my name is Whitney and I am from a small town called Nixa, in the good ol state of Missouri. I had my one-year back to crossfit anniversary recently, so I thought it would be a fun time to share my journey in the hopes that it will motivates someone, the way the other women's stories have motivated me!

I have struggled with body image and confidence issues since before I can remember. I never thought I was skinny enough. I tried dieting, starving and plenty of other unhealthy ways to achieve the “Skinny” that society had imprinted on my brain. I OBSESSED over the scale, daily. It seemed like a never-ending battle that always resulted in disappointment. I have led a semi-active life, I participated in sports through school. I ate like most normal people do, or so I thought. I worked out throughout the years, but I never really enjoyed it or pushed myself beyond what we all tend to do, just enough. This is precisely the reason I never truly enjoyed it. It was more of a chore or deep seeded med to fit some obscure societal norm. Translated, I was doing it for others and not myself. Fitness, real fitness seemed to be that thing other people did.

So what happened, what spawned my epiphany? My husband came home one day and told me he was starting crossfit... crossfit? I brushed it off like “Ok hun, have fun”. I thought it was just another fad workout phase of his. But this was different, it became his passion, he was so excited before each workout… it was all he could talk about. After months of listening to him, as well as seeing the change in his body, mind and attitude, I had to admit that there might be something here. But it wasn’t until I actually became jealous of his newfound passion that I became intrigued. So I committed to try it, and oh boy... I HATED IT! I thought what the hell was I doing? I came home and complained every day for at least a week. But I’m stubborn, I paid for a month, so I was at least going to do that. I will admit, in those first few weeks it was embarrassing how many weaknesses crossfit exposed. I thought I was an active person, oh how wrong I was! I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to not come back. But I had a great box, with some wonderful people that kept me coming and they wouldn’t let me quit. It worked for me because the people there were exceptional, and coupled with my stubbornness it began to work.

I was finally getting into the swing of it, when I injured my back. When getting it checked out, I was told I had slipped disks, bulged disk, degenerative disks throughout my back, and had no business doing crossfit. I had one doctor that told me the only activity I should be doing was a brisk walk or swimming. I also had several doctors try to push surgery on me. Surgery?! I’m only 27 years old! Not even a few weeks after that I found out I was pregnant. So needless to say crossfit went on the back burner. After having my son, I had fallen into a very deep depression. My self-loathing returned, I slept like crap and we all know about the baby weight, ugh! This was NOT going to be the new me. It took a while for me to figure it all out, but I knew something needed to change. I remember that feeling crossfit gave me, so as soon as I got a release from the baby doctor, it was back to crossfit I went. Regardless of the warnings from specialists who forbid me to ever crossfit again … and I haven’t looked back since. There have been plenty of ups and downs but like anything that is worth doing you should always strive to do it well and boy has it been worth it! This past year I’ve done things I would have NEVER dreamed of doing. I could hardly hold a 45# bar over my head when I started crossfit, now I'm able to snatch 105# over my head. I'd never done a pull-up in my life, now I'm able to kip them on any workout that calls for it! I could barely dead lift 150# when I started, now I'm close to a 300# dead lift. And lastly, for the first time (POST BABY) I can finally say that I am comfortable with the body I have. Ladies, can you ever imagine yourself saying those words? They are revolutionary, the most liberating words for any woman. I never imagined that I could have said those words and let alone actually believe them, NEVER in a million years.

Now lets be honest, sure there are still a few things that I would love to change but now I know I can, I have the power and the drive to accomplish all of my fitness goals. But the key to this transition is the simple fact that I’m finally comfortable in my skin. I don’t care about the weight I’m losing, I’m more focused on adding weight to my PR’s. Not only has crossfit helped me change my physical appearance but also it has affected every aspect of my life. I eat healthier (because I want to and because I enjoy it), my chronic back pain has disappeared this year (ironic when I was told crossfit was bad for it) and I feel like I’m a better mom, sister, daughter, friend and wife. That last one is important to me because my husband is more than just a husband he is my best friend. Before crossfit we did have a great relationship but since sharing this passion, its became “Our” pursuit. It has brought us closer, which I didn’t think was possible .

Last, I'd like to give some shout outs... To my husband, you inspire me to be better. You motivate me every day to accomplish those things I thought were impossible and you never stopped believing in me. I love you! To my son, you are the biggest blessing and motivator I have. I want to be an example to you of what a healthy life style is because it is tough out there in the big old world. To the staff and members at my box- Crossfit of the Ozarks- thank you. I wouldn't have been able to get here without you! I have made lifelong friends that I needed and continue to need more then they'll EVER know. Watching them is a big part of my progress, we have died a thousand times, wanted to pass out, dropped buckets of sweat together, but we never allow each other to quit. Their drive motivates me and has taught me to never say never again. They are my family, and I love them dearly! Xoxo

I share this not for myself, but in hopes that it might motivate at least one person to go out and just try! Try something that makes you uncomfortable! You never know what will come out of it!

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Bryan H 10:10pm
''I want to give a huge shout out to Bryan, Nick and all the friends at CFO who have pushed me and never let me settle for less than my very best effort every workout. I now have zero back pain, zero knee pain and I did something today that I never dreamed possible in the 5 short months I have been coming to CFO. I fit into some jeans I have hung onto for reasons I don't even really know, that I have not worn in 8-10 years. I tell you this not to praise my efforts but to show someone out there who might be struggling that your hard will pay off. May not be today, may not be in 5 months, but if your persevere and fight through all the suck butt WODs, it will pay off. You will only get out what you put into it. This place comes with lots of things but the thing I value the most is the built in support system of friends and trainers who want nothing more than to see you succeed and celebrate that success with you.''

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Bryan H 9:09pm
''So I have only been apart of this whole crossfit thing for 3/4 weeks now. But I have to just say I am so thankful for all of you. You have been so warm and welcoming I have a hard time feeling comfortable working out do to the fact I'm not in shape and usually am embarrassed but you guys at crossfit have made me feel like I have found the right place and to not worry. there is always someone with a word of encouragement. For this I am so thankful. Thank you all''